Why Get an Inspection?

You’ve worked hard for this day.

Buying a home is the largest and most important purchase most people make, and a home inspection is your only way of knowing what you're really buying.

While your home may look good from the outside – indeed, it may even be new construction! – issues may be hiding where you can not see. The average buyer is not trained to know what to look for, nor are they trained in government building code.

Municipal inspectors are generally under a heavy work load and do not usually have 2-3 hours to spend on each home, and it takes that kind of time to thoroughly inspect a property. Carl has more than 300 hours of continuing education, in addition to three building certifications, which give him the expertise to find issues you may not realize exist.

Home inspections turn up problems such as unfinished construction, damaged or missing components, improperly installed mechanical and electrical systems, and even issues that threaten your safety, such as mold or fire hazards.

Armed with a home inspection report, you will have the information you need to make an informed decision on your purchase. Though you may have already negotiated the price of the home, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars by using the home inspection to negotiate repairs and even to back out of the purchase if permitted by the contract.